"Into The Mystic", collaboration with poet Gwylym Owen ( & music of Van Morrison)

Hi there,

I'm glad to collaborate for a second time with the english poet Gwylym Owen.

I proposed him to wrote a poem inspired on this photograph I took in Barcelona (August 2010) and in a splendid song composed by Van Morrison "Into the Mystic". You will be able to listen this song activating the player below the Gwylym's prose.

I hope you will enjoy this new collaboration and I invite you to click here in order to see our other artistic collaboration.



For the mystical mind fly's, into the oblivion of a souls eye
Trusting an unseen plan, being guided by the unknown
And now we fly, we fly on to, our grand destined land
Blinded by the light and obscured views, of constant truths
Showered rays in musical arrays and light waves
Lantern high and in the eye, of narrowed, certain pathways.
Heading toward the higher frequencies, resonates being
Now start seeing, looking out a window: No! It does not glow.
Now listen and look within your heart, be smart from the start.
Tuning, playing, tuning, playing, tuning bestowing.
Always walking toward the light, always mysterious in the plight.
Listen to thee, now let your mind see and let the glee run free
The mystery of mysteries, the souls key, the you and me.

by Gwylym Owen, February 2011


Diana Lee said...

Fantastic! Both the photography and the words. I fell into the photo head first and the words kept me afloat. Bravo to you both.

anna.s said...

A beautiful convinación three different arts: poetry, music and photograf.
Humans, have the ability to create beauty, to share and enjoy.

Sophia Fine said...

I am in love! Juan's photography well, this is a given already...and since some time ago when I first read Gwylym's poem, became friends, and my fascination for his talents
is here to stay! Juan I love your spirit that reflects in all your talents! Gwylym you are breath of fresh air...yes you rock me!
This synergy is superb!! Thank you for my exuberance! (Glad i don't have to put up with 140 here..)

Bridget said...

Quite beautiful photo taken of the beautiful & modern architecture of Barcelona!! You captured this building so well in this photo - it seems that you were looking & shooting the photo from the bottom of the building upwards to the sky. Great effect with the sunlight beaming down (it made the photo all the more beautiful) & also the angle at which you took the photo.
The words in the song "As we sailed into the mystic" "Let your soul & spirit fly into the mystic" captures the photo exactamente!! Also - the phrase "Together we'll fold into the mystic" how very poetic & exactly the perfect song for this photo.
I also like the melody of the song - great for partner dancing & it also has a 60's feel re: the melody).
If you ever have any question about whether or not your photos are professional - you just have to take a look at this photo (simply magnificent). Bravo, JC!

Anonymous said...

Adoro Van Morrison, deixou um belíssimo legado, músicas lindas.Abraços

Laura Gimenez

Anonymous said...

I like it, Juan.


Soulman Juan said...

That spiraling ascencion to the blinding light described in the poem and mirrored in the photography... :)
Bravo !!!

Eden Baylee said...

What a wonderful combination for the senses ! My favorite singer with the incredible words of Gwylym and a photo taken in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Thank you for the collaboration.

MikeyBoy50 said...

I a bit late Juan Carlos, but...
Beautiful music (cant miss with Van) and words also

Alida said...

Great music, good combination: music and photo!!! The soul need more of this, more frequently..Thanks!!

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

Thanks to everyone for your great support !! Feel good , gosh ;-)

estudio de paisajismo said...

Adoro Van Morrison, deixou um belíssimo legado, músicas lindas!!!

moondustwriter said...

Delightful collaboration
and Van Morrison - magnifique!!!

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

thanks so much for the comment ;-)

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