Hypocrisy about illegal strangers in Switzerland + Manu Chao song #photo

I'm born and live in Geneva, Switzerland.

Switzerland is a very rich country but not full of rich people. Lot of us are common people with common incomes, like me and more are working poor (15% of the population)

I took this photograph on the 2009 summer during a the Peru National Holiday in my hometown Geneva.

The occasion for thousands of latino-americans from Geneva to have some good time.

This people work hard during the week and most of the time being "clandestinos" .. illegal strangers, living in the fear to be caught by the police.

So, with this simple image, I wish to pay tribute to this great people who raise our children, who clean our houses, who cook in our restaurants, etc.

It seems they are more or less 5000 (Geneva : 500 000 people).

 Overall, it would be fantastic if we finish with some hypocrisy of right wing politics party and we, at last, legalize lot of them.

The multicultural Geneva is not only the Geneva of the United Nations but also and overall, for me, this Geneva. The Geneva I like really

Finally, an interesting link about the subject (in french but don't forget "google translator) if you want to read more about illegal strangers in Switzerland.


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