"Lost Moments", collaboration with poet Gwylym Owen (+ jazz music by Oliver Nelson)


I contacted recently a poet from United Kingdom I appreciate a lot for a collaboration. I asked him to choose one of my photos and he has been inspired by the photograph below. Gwylym Owen offered me a splendid poem. Please visit his site in order to read other of his writings http://illiteratepoetry.blogspot.com/

And don't forget, to activate the youtube player (below the photo) reading the poem. I choosed a jazz tune called Stolen Moments by Oliver Nelson, a pure classic of jazz music.

Bye for now

Juan Carlos

Lost Moments 

Encased, within enveloping Time-Spatial Curves
Cosmic ray showers, fade as Muons decay
Swallowed whole, in that great ocean of sands
Likened to the silence, in-between Musical notes
Memory evokes such, wonderfully fond tales;
Cheap impersonations, that hardly fill the void;
Of stolen moments in, transitory Manifestation.
Hustle and bustle, tempered by the mild gentle wind.
Ebbing and flowing, toing and froing.
Untouched by even, the most severest, of frost.
A young boy never standing still, a childhood lost.
A moppet's memory, of scented meadows, freshly cut.
The way the scent fades, as the years pass.
Those treasured moments never seem to last.
Chasing them is a pointless and thankless task;
And as the Grand 'Ammon's horn', starts to stir and trip
On Neptune's vehicle in the high seas of the Hippocampus
Click, click, Clack, there's only one logical fact.
Steal your future back, Conjure up: 'Omnipresent Style',
Live, every waking instant, as if it were your last.
Fill all of those, pilfered Flashes, with moments; worth stealing.
Too busy fashioning, to look back, creating stolen moments;
That's the task, that will always last, this kind of trice is always nice.
So the choice is yours: Celebrate or Regret: "Stolen Moments."
Though - as you swoosh through; Fleeting, flashes;
Cherish and adore, as they do unfold,
For, surely this is the definition, of purest Gold.

copyright Gwylym Owen, 2011

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