"Manic Depression",collaboration with poet Diana Matisz (+ Jimi Hendrix song) )


Today, I'm so pleased to present you my third collaboration with the US poet Diana Matisz. If you mind, you can read and watch clicking here our 2 other collaborations.

And don't forget please to activate the player below the poem and listen the song of Jimi Hendrix reading the poem.

Bye for now

Juan Carlos


You know the feeling
I know you do
it begins deep in the belly
a stirring of the entrails
an igneous eruption of emotion
firing torrid blood to every extremity

You know how it feels
I know you do
that edginess of lacerated nerves
riding the chafed surfaces
of skin and bones
the itch of containment

Admit it, you know the feeling
I know you do
the snap of synapses on overload
a drumbeat of tension
pinpricks tattooing their path
from toe to head

Yes, you know how it feels
I know you do
but is it joy or is it pain?
it makes no difference
because all you need
all you know or want to know
is release

by Diana Matisz, February 2011

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