A photography, another poem by April Higney and the music of Brahms


After our first collaboration, the wonderful poet April Higney and me have decided to collaborate artistically again. This time, I propose to her an unpublished photography I have taken on August of this year inspired by my personal feelings of the moment.

If you want, I have put a music player below the April's poem. You are welcome to play the wonderful Johannes Brahms piece interpreted by the magnificent argentinean piano player Martha Argerich reading the poem. The title of this Brahms piece composed in 1880 is "Rhapsody in G Minor Op 79 No 2"

I hope you will enjoy this collaboration.

Have a nice day

Juan Carlos


I behold with these eyes
the softness of beauty
I yearn to touch
the fragrance
of the heart
which has been torn away
from me.
A ghost
with wonder
how you rest before me
torn away from your own earthen bed,
how long must it be before you wither and fade?
I behold with these eyes
the vibrancy that still catches with the light
beyond this shadow
I long to caress
with wonder
if only I could
plant you within this heart
to retain your precious life
and grant back to me
the gentle tones,
growing in strength
of substance
to my being.

April Higney, 2010


bijinga said...

Fascinante maravilla...!

Anonymous said...

Ninguém pode sustentar o peso entre suas perdas e suas colheitas: cada um tem seu indizível, seu espelho de vida.

Saudações literárias.

Maureen said...


J O N Á S V E R G A RA said...

Fate and Chaos...Universes collides in such a tiny space as a poem and expands into deep sensations remain in music and framed in a picture: ventana al campo.

Thank you for this beautiful piece.

Bridget said...

Quelle photo joyeuse et vibrante, JC! I liked this piece from the first time when you posted it a few months ago. What's interesting about this photo is the shadow juxtaposed & almost touching the bright red flower. When April says "if only I could plant you within this heart" - great choice of words considering the subject is a flower!
Elle est vraiment bonne - je vraiment comme sa poesie.

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