Passion Within : collaboration with the poet April Higney

Dear readers,

I'm very proud and happy to begin an artistic collaboration with the US poet April Higney (clicking on her name, you will acess to her wonderful website full of her sensitive writings).

I met her thanks to the social network Twitter.

One of my photographs yet published on the blog has inspired her these words for a poem called "Passion Within" you will find below the photograph.

This photograph is one of a very special woman for me and that's the last photo I took to her before ..

April wrote the poem without knowing nothing about the story of this photograph. I will not tell here the story but maybe you can imagine.

With a lot of emotion, I share with you again this photograph I called first "And It's Supposed To Be Love" when I published first in August 2010.


Juan Carlos Hernandez



in the idea of love,
as contemplated of the mind.
the one,
to which I placed the unknowing heart into,
brought me here, and left me behind.

This place,
an empty hall,
filled with rooms,
you have closed,
once shared.
This space,
shadowing the heart of me,
my face,
covering the tears,
once cared.

in the idea of love,
have discovered of me,
more to the passion within,
this heart, still reflecting a light,
that pushes me forth,
and pulls me,
contemplated of the heart,
more directed,
even in blindness,
because it is through this heart,
I can truly see.

fills this space,
that seemed otherwise empty,
now occupied by all that I am,
persecuted by a past,
yet preceding a future,
a place of meaningful expectations,
where this heart,
is destined,
in all of passions,
to where it is meant to be.

 - April Higney, October 2010 - 

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