Passion Within : collaboration with the poet April Higney

Dear readers,

I'm very proud and happy to begin an artistic collaboration with the US poet April Higney (clicking on her name, you will acess to her wonderful website full of her sensitive writings).

I met her thanks to the social network Twitter.

One of my photographs yet published on the blog has inspired her these words for a poem called "Passion Within" you will find below the photograph.

This photograph is one of a very special woman for me and that's the last photo I took to her before ..

April wrote the poem without knowing nothing about the story of this photograph. I will not tell here the story but maybe you can imagine.

With a lot of emotion, I share with you again this photograph I called first "And It's Supposed To Be Love" when I published first in August 2010.


Juan Carlos Hernandez



in the idea of love,
as contemplated of the mind.
the one,
to which I placed the unknowing heart into,
brought me here, and left me behind.

This place,
an empty hall,
filled with rooms,
you have closed,
once shared.
This space,
shadowing the heart of me,
my face,
covering the tears,
once cared.

in the idea of love,
have discovered of me,
more to the passion within,
this heart, still reflecting a light,
that pushes me forth,
and pulls me,
contemplated of the heart,
more directed,
even in blindness,
because it is through this heart,
I can truly see.

fills this space,
that seemed otherwise empty,
now occupied by all that I am,
persecuted by a past,
yet preceding a future,
a place of meaningful expectations,
where this heart,
is destined,
in all of passions,
to where it is meant to be.

 - April Higney, October 2010 - 


gwen said...

The photograph is beautiful, the red inspires so many thoughts. The collaboration of the poetry is outstanding. Love it!

Daniel Stoica said...


Wonderful artistic synergy!

Glad you two met!

Love the picture!

Love the poem!

Thank You for sharing!

bijinga said...

Cuando la belleza se refleja...

Hermosa lírica para una imagen perfecta...

Mi enhorabuena, maravillosa colaboración...!


Claudia said...

one word: powerful!
as already mentioned on april's blog and on twitter - i wholeheartedly enjoyed your collaboration - that's what i call artistic synergy! very well done

Bridget said...

This photo is so striking with all the colours with the red dress against the grayish, bluish background. La robe rouge apporte le pasion s'occuper.
I like the way that April uses the words to match the pose of the subject in the photo ("this space, shadowing the heart of me, my face, covering the tears, once cared"). The subject has her face covered. Really great teamwork, JC!

Bridget said...

Please also add:
Really great teamwork JC & April!

Shashi said...

Great image and good verse.. I liked it. thanks for sharing.. would love to explore more of your blog some other time... thanks for sharing at Twitter..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I was sat feeling very miserable this evening having not seen my lovely friend Sian for some weeks and having learnt this afternoon she was still poorly, when a guy called Juan Carlos Hernandez, music lover and jazz photographer, sent me out of the blue this beautiful poem by April Higney, which she had just written inspired by his photo And It’s Supposed To Be Love, taken by Juan Carlos Hernandez of a woman who is very special to him and that was the last photo he took of her before …

I had just dropped off this afternoon to be picked up by Sian the very last photos I took of her before …

No matter how hard I tried, no matter how eloquent a writer I am told I am, I could not put into words how I am feeling as this beautiful poetry does.

How do I explain this? I do not know the guy, never met him, never even heard of him.

I do not explain. I do not even try to explain. The best I can offer is synchronicity.

April Higney had written Passion within without knowing anything of the background to the photo. Neither know me or my background.


Sofia said...

I just can say Waouh !

Very nice & Congratulations for You Two artistic Human Being !

The photography is Amazing ,it seems to whisper See with Your Heart not with Your Eyes !

Unbelievable for a Photographer... :-)

Anonymous said...

via One Shot Wednesday:

I'd recommend losing many of the commas in this piece; they're not necessary and, in my opinion, they clutter the poem. Consider the line length the rhythm of the poem--what are you going for? Visual impact is important, but the cadence and speed with which the reader takes in the poem are paramount.

As always with poetry critiques, take what's useful for you and ignore the rest! Hope you find something helpful.

~ ballardpoet

Myrna R. said...

The combination of the photo and the poem is wonderful. They definitely produce thoughts and feelings well understood.

Brian Miller said...

i commented on it over at her place...both are wonderful. the picture pulls out many things from her hands, tot he color, her posture...the surroundings...very nice.

Desert Rose said...

I commented on April's post but here again , i have to state again that this one is so beautiful the photo and the verse..:) LOVELY collaboration..:)

Shashi said...

Nice to read it here again... I like your image so much... Juan - Carlos Heernandez (Dont know what is the appropriate name to address you here)

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

Pete Marshall said...

the image was the perfect set up to a wonderful read...a great collaboration...cheers pete

Tuti said...

Great picture!! AWESOME POEM!!!

See Mee said...

Très beau contraste entre le rouge et le bleu. J'aime !

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

Thanks to everybody for your wonderful comments and support !

Anonymous said...

I would like to also thank everyone here as well. A wonderful opportunity to collaborate with such a talented photographer. My writing style, well has been in a similiar manner for quite some time. I've never gone to college to "teach" of any certain writing methods, I just follow what I "feel" that is close to me. All of your kind words mean so much in it. Much appreciated ~April

J O N Á S V E R G A RA said...

Full of music and passion inside of a heart's trembling.
I reblogged this piece as a mantra in all my spaces.
Thank you.

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