NYPD ! You Are The People Too ( #OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet )

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You, me ... everybody 
"Maybe, they are right ? What am I protecting really here ? "

"My brother has been fired yesterday, unemployed again.. How will he pay his debts for his studies now ? "

"Are these protesters the finest ? "

"Fuck yes ! They are !"

"Thanks to this movement, I am now full of hope. I'm with them"

"Let me buddy explain to you what he is saying to the people. We have to protect this revolution and not this rapolution of the banksters"

"Let me quiet .. I'm thinking" 

"My son is among the protesters and I'm proud of him"

"These protesters are not only peaceful but so funny and creative, I just love them"

"I'm with them bro !"

"I can't wait for assisting to the next assembly tomorrow"

"They are so peaceful ! What they claim is so true. I will not follow silly orders anymore and protect really the people"

"I'm disgusted to be here since hours protecting the big lie. What to do ?"

"People Have The Powet, We are the Finest and We will protect this power, trust me"


Eduardo Kohan said...

sos un fotógrafo extraordinario!!!!
que honor ser tu amigo!

Eduardo Kohan said...

sos un fotógrafo extraordinario !
que honor ser tu amigo!

Anonymous said...

Captar instantes,
y a los personajes involucrados en el transcurrir histórico. Gran labor Juan Carlos!! Excelentes tomas.

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