09/24/11 #photos violent arrests by NYPD in Union Square #OccupyWallStreet #TakeWallStreet

please take a look to my 2 other photographic essays concerning #OccupyWallStreet here and here 

The movement #OccupyWallStreet also known as #TakeWallStreet is clearly growing since their first protest last Saturday (07/19/2011).

Today, they were in Union Square, not "only" marching around the Financial District.

Concerning the photos you will see below, I can testify about the blond woman in the first photos that she only shouted "Take the streets" and nothing else and that was the only reason the New York City Police Department (NYPD) arrested her so brutally

I don't know why they arrested the others on the photos.

The NYPD communicated to the press that they arrested 85 people .. most of them because were blocking the traffic. More official information here 

So, I let you think and don't be afraid

ps : please visit and spread the official website of "Occupy Wall Street" https://occupywallst.org/


Dr.Krapp said...

Fantástico de la sociedad actual. Las caras de los "maderos" parece muñequitos de G.I. Joe.

Anonymous said...

Is this civilization?
A country of liberty and justice?

anitaa said...

great captures !
Thanks for sharing, had not heard about that action.

Marc said...

Amazing photographs. I don't think most people understand that Americans are NOT Fox News. Most of us just want to live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Now Police Are filming the protesters who are them! And Police Better Recognize--those young protesters are fighting for them too! But, then Police will argue, we risk our lives to maintain law and order. That is very true. But, can they really say that they have not been affected by the economic climate that wallstreet has created! We can be sure that some family member or friend of theirs have been affected. Well, those protesters are fighting for those people. These are the brave ones!

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