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NOTE ADDED THE 18TH OF MAY 2010 : IF YOU MIND, IF YOU LIKE, PLEASE CLICK AND RECOMMEND MY PHOTOGRAPH http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/05/03/blogs/a-moment-in-time.html/#/4bdd9e8bdb799a6fb90000ac . THANKS A LOT ;-)


I participated on Sunday 2th of May 2010 to this wonderful  initiative by "Lens", the VERY interesting blog about photography, video and visual journalism of the New-York Times

"With more than a bit of promotional hyperbole, we invited everyone with a camera to take a picture on Sunday, May 2, at 15:00 U.T.C. and submit it to The New York Times. For our part, we promised to cobble these together into a mosaic portrait of one “Moment in Time” around the world."

That's my moment, 17h02 in Geneva (= 15:00 U.T.C) , Switzerland, more exactly Rue de Carouge 

Hope you will like the photograph


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