"Indignez-vous !" (#photo de Stéphane Hesse à Genèvel) + Zebda

You will find below videos concerning Stéphane Hessel in french, spanish and english. The two first videos have been made in Geneva the day where I captured the portrait of this humanist
Stéphane Hessel, auteur du livre "Indignez-vous" venu soutenir les  Indignés de Genève sur leur campement du Parc des Bastions le 5 décembre 2011 

Vous pouvez voir d'autres photos que j'ai pris à Stéphane Hessel et que j'ai offert aux Indignés de Genève ici http://www.occupygeneva.ch/rencontre-avec-hessel-5-decembre


Bridget said...

I really like the song and the music,JC! quite inspirational! I need to read "Time For Outrage" or en francais "Indignez-vous"! The French is such a pretty language:)merci for sharing!

Badger Fred said...

I read "Time For Outrage" this morning and it is amazing. I recommend it for everyone. Both for it's history and call to action.

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