Photopoem with Sophia Fine : "REVEALING THE VIRILITY OF THINGS" + jazz music of Paolo Fresu

I'm happy and proud to collaborate again with Sophia Fine, a fantastic painter, very talented writer, and special friend.
Once more, she was inspired by one of my photographs to write a beautiful poem. Her style, as always, is modern poetry at it's best!
Take a look to our other collaborations Don't forget please to play the wonderful music of Paolo Fresu reading the poem. The player is located below at the end. 
I’m always looking forward to collaborations with Sophia, and I hope the feeling is mutual!
Juan Carlos 

How to begin at the beginning:
"When are you going to stop asking too much from life."
His words fall in to broken pieces on the cold ground.
Their echo reaches her tired dimming soul.
Feline’s patience will force a smile.
Tensing for a glimpse of his swaying mood.
Between her face and his, the softness of a child is taking form and vanishes.
No way to bring back lost love.
Thirst for love, thirst for ecstasy,
rare pearls in the palm of her hand,
transformed to cicadas with their
long monotonous song.
Music score for Doom.
Like a Horn of Plenty, the Messenger's Bag spills out a haze of Joy and Sad.
Memories found and lost.
The blue sea flickers like a zoetrope, and the simmering light alternates in quick succession. Suddenly the brilliant Sun leeches the landscape of all Colors.
The desire, passion... close, so close.
Only sea and sky the limits between them.
Hollow whispers that none of them can hear.
In the shadow a man, a young man,
caresses a woman. The stroke of his hand
erases the wrinkles around her eyes,
and returns some of the youthful 
Luster on her graying hair.
Her voice murmurs hauntingly without
Vocabilaire, paling every word, speaking 
In sentences..
Mind runs dry.
The yearning, the need, the “Never More” choking every heart beat.
“Remember for hours I was gazing
Into your eyes... still didn't know us.”
Swimming in a murky river, the bodies
Try to reach the familiar banks.
Trembling, trembling so...
With eyes closed to see. 
The island is lost and the wind vanishes resistance.
Time brings happiness.
Time kills time.
Welcome friend, or enemy.
Mine, First Love, began with a caress.
Muzzle, neck, legs, my hands run over my Horse's Splendid body.
Then a word carefully chosen, or Silence. 
That was a pure Love's Joy!
Eternal to Be.
Ah Love, you only stay with Love,
To make Happy.
Stay young, he once said, tossing her
slender body up in the air.
There were kisses, summer rhymes, caresses.
Descending in his young arms, on a sea of anemones,
felt his Kiss, his lips ... and Love.
Exuberance full strength.
Rapido Con Brio.
Ah Love, you only stay with Love,
To make Happiness.
Like a Horn of Plenty, the Messenger's Bag spills out a haze of Joy and Sad.
Memories lost and found.
The invisible wounds within,
suspended passions, simple desires
waiting to be revived, to be felt again,
to have a second chance, bending on hard cold ground never to return.
Souls are cleaving to reach...without hope.
A knife suspends from the sky never known where-when will drop to cut.
This sky soon will be starry but the stars don't care, they have their own life.
Angels are not real.. Make their own life.. Who will care.
The night shrinks to nothing.
The Rhythmical clock sounds out of breath.
His distant gaze reflects a Forest Burning..
Flames dancing in a young woman's form,
calling erotic verses echoing his lust desire.
Faces light up for a moment of flash
to disappear In an ebony darkness.
His desire will fall on a cold marble bed on Time's Call.
Doesn't take much time for evil to stage.
The soul wants to Be, to feel the touch in the young woman's arms,
Deep in her arms, on her inviting softness..
breathing her Love, Quiver that take his breath away.
But Everything still, only the sound of the rattling time.
Stillness is an invitation to death inside, nothing will be revived.
Is softness in silence.. Hurting Stills.
This Life will be viewed behind a misty glass.. creating healing illusions.
Their footsteps will echo through empty corridors of time...
Perhaps a little night's music will bring a sliver of reality past..
sans prelude of herald melodies.
Time steals love... No ransom.
No living back the taken.
Time steals time.
"Don't let the children go through the smoldering gaverous fields..
their innocence will make deep holes in their souls."
In a spike of light she will see the first
wrinkles on his forehead..the lost desire
in empty eyes.
Tonight let's put away the Real!
Compassion in C minor will do in the new settings!
Time kills in time.
Life Heals in Time.
"I saw a shooting star! Good luck!"
BIZZZ!!! ........ LIFE IS ON!!!
Sophia Fine JUNE 2011
Inspired by a photo... Inspiration applied on other, than the obvious.


Bridget said...

Me gusto el poema!La foto es fantastica, JC! I really like the proximity of the first subject in the front and the other subject in the back (both in good focus)!gracias por compartir....The music of Paolo Fresu is both relaxing & jazzy!another gran colaboracion!

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

Thanks very much Bridget !!

Natasha said...


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