Tunisia and Spanish Revolution : People Have The Power (+ Patti Smith song)

Dedicated to my friends from Tunisia and to ALL the people, including the powerful and generous actual "Spanish Revolution", who search for Equality, Independance and Justice ! Fight !

Below my photography, you will find a fantastic slideshow with the photos of the #SpanishRevolution by Manuel P. Bañez (music : People Have The Power by Patti Smith)

Pour la Tunisie et tous les peuples qui luttent pour leur liberté et leur indépendance. Photo prise en 2011 à l'Alhambra de Genève, Suisse


moondustwriter said...

Juan Carlos we need to have a voice -
thanks for the photography

Berenoise West said...

we gonna fight!

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

yes .. we need .. we have too .. no resignation !

peter said...

you have my voice

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