One of my photographs inspired a poem to Diana Matisz

Hi there,

I'm glad to collaborate for second time with my friend and poet Diana Matisz.

She asked me to choose one of the photographs of this blog and I choosed this one you will find below called "Perdido". This photo inspired her a poem called "A Fine Line"

I hope you will enjoy this new collaboration.


Juan Carlos


Standing on the fine line
between the incandescent opulence of living
and the somber plateau
of a forgotten life
he ponders his uphill climb
steeling himself against the minions of delusion
and a blinding storm of memories.

Anxiety and dismay etch lines
across his skin
as he wages war with phantoms
intent on nothing less
than the theft
of the man behind the eyes.

Perdido? No.
If you were to approach him
and look closely in his eyes
the man he was
is still the man he is
he isn't lost at all
he's simply gathering strength.

poem by Diana Matisz, November 2010 
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