A photograph, a poem by Sophia Fine and the Charles Lloyd music

Hi ;-)

I'm so proud to introduce to you Sophia Fine who is a fantastic painter and talented writer.

She has been inspired by one of my photographs and wrote a very poetic, exuberant, romantic, and overall deep text poem.

This is a wonderful collaboration of me and Sophia that I hope to continue in the future.

Bye for now

Vital Lift

I don’t remember when the waves brought me here on these pebbles where roses grew just waiting my arrival.. my voice engraved on their petals echoing the voice I fear to hear:

The music, sudden, may end..

Among the scorched seaweeds and through the light and darkness I possess, it is me you behold..

I will sink to the ocean floor only to emerge more beautiful, to grow endurable..

and it is we I behold..

Astonished eyes that look always around for something or other to burn with their fires, are locked on this vision..

I am the open sea, you can become whatever I made of you..
I am the current you always kept coming to..

Taking one more quick breath and a second one, I am writing it now on my own as a healing balm that brings my soul to life.. kinesis rather than will.

With gongs and glangs the messengers I wasn’t expecting brought their sounds and words.. I don’t recognize what they say, I fear..

Down in time..

This radiant woman that stands before you starts to unravel like a flower’s petals and her unfolding, you may think, is yours and nobody else’s.

Inside the bud you sense the dense force of the dancer’s weight that leaps like flame.. let her breath bestow on you.. a vital lift.

The lips that open petal to petal to whisper.. are melting the words like lead and everything starts and stops with those lips.. their mystery is crafted in your soul..

Sleep is falling into dreams that may deepen to a nightmare.

Down in time..

Seduction takes on a brutal strength now, and soon the girl who emerged from the sea foam will entice you to expertly love her..

You may never ever want to snap out of this..

Remember our souls once they desired to part ways with the body now feel a deeper thirst in a place that all is dry.

Between us now the night’s sky steeped with stars that are still burning to speak our destiny, our mark.

The heart wants to find release after all that pounding that transformed the fragrant dance..

and so,

as I nestle inside my soul my vision expands and refracts, enlarging things that may be better kept at a distance..

Love will prevail..

An ascetic allegro plays now.. I enter.. steeped in a kaleidoscope still hanging on by a fainting gleam.

I accept who we are with the same breath that takes our breath away.

Sophia Fine
— November 2010


Diana Lee said...

You have created a 'beautiful monster' in your collaborations. Another exquisite example of the merging of words~visions~music. I hope we all have the opportunity to continue to work with you and your magnificent photography. You are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! =)) Loving the collaborations, so glad to see you combining many talents here with your photos! ~April

Bridget said...

Dynamic black and white photo, JC with the moonlight reflecting on Geneva Lake. Il semble que vous etiez sur une falaise quand vous avez pris cette photo. L'eau semble turbulente au moment ou vous avez pris la photo.
The music is so soothing (I like it)! Sophia's artwork is not on this page but I thought I would mention its beauty anyway.

Sofia said...

5***** to YOU !

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

Shashi has left a new comment on your post "A photograph, a poem by Sophia Fine and the Charle...":

I deleted by error this comment

Its beautiful.. I enjoyed the post, the collaboration and the beauty of it all.. love it...

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Om Namah Shivaya
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