Street Fighting Woman

found this photograph in my archives today ..

What is it ? A violent event (I can testify, was present as press photographer for the newspaper "20 minutes" this day, than the police was very provocative and agressive this day) which have changed the cultural life in Geneva. There is now almost no more things than institutional events. Arts needs alternative things.

An article I found on the net and which resumes this unfortunate event.

"After 19 years, the police evicted the famous Rhino squat in Geneva on July 23rd 2007

The movement to occupy empty buildings which started in Geneva in the 1970s was part of a trend in cities all over the western world - New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Squatters wanted to create an alternative lifestyle.
Geneva had nearly 160 buildings and more than 2,000 squatters at the height of the movement in the middle of the 1990s. There are now only 26 squats."

Discover the playlist street fighting with The Rolling Stones


Lunienne said...

Cette photo est tout simplement géniale!

bijinga said...

Testigo en primera línea... reveladora instantánea....

Chocan las palabras que resbalan contra un muro de impotencia...

Se pierden.. grito...lamento...rabia..
para no regresar a ninguna parte...

Impactante .... !!

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