Black sheep and UDC/SVP. Racism and Populism in Switzerland (originally published the 11/29/2009)

I published this text originally the 29th of November 2009 : "I photographied in 2009  these black sheep in Fribourg, Switzerland. Like this view first but then watching it, I realized that I shot a political photo not only something I believed as very beautiful. I explain me .. history . in 2007 Swiss People’s Party (UDC / SVP, an extreme right political party) has caused debate with the design of a propaganda poster. The infamous “black sheep” poster (you can here this creepy poster http://img.timeinc.net/time/daily/2007/0709/postcard_pomy_0921.jpg depicted three white sheep kicking a black sheep out of Switzerland, accompanied by the caption “for greater security”, demonstrating again the party’s tendency to play on fears. The iniative was fortunately largely rejected by Swiss people. And 2 years after, I'm very pleased to see that black sheep are still quietly feeding on. For me, the real black sheep in Switzerland is this political party.

ps : if you want to know more about this story, please read this excellent article of Time Magazine http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1664269,00.html"


bijinga said...

Vaya pues que interesante simil...!!

La foto-política...

Tranquiliza saber que las ovejas "negras" seguirán pastando en el campo..

Qué verde rabioso ... me encanta....


Juniverses said...

un post en anglais
un commentaire en espagnol
un autre commentaire en grec
une histoire de suisse
qui parle de la différence
bref, ça tue ! :D

et j'adore la photo !

Nadine Kaddoura said...

JC: all the controversy summed up in one shot! amazing
JC Respect I admire your work and evrything you do.

Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Photographer said...

Thank you Bijinga, Juniverses and Nadine !

Bridget said...

Photo fantastique, JC!; with the black sheep against the green grass. It seems you took the shot from an airplane. It appears to be a windy day also with the green grass swaying.
Bien, au moins il est bon de savoir que les citoyens suisses non-racist comme vous existent.

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