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#photo "The Spaces Between" + poem by Diana Matisz + Chris Isaak Song

I'm honoured to collaborate with another US poet, Diana Matisz, who put her mature and sensitive words on one of my photos

I hope you will enjoy this poem named by Diana, "The Spaces Between".


Juan Carlos

The Spaces Between

we wait for life to find us

for death to take us

we detain joy

and place love in detention

an instance here

an hour there

a foot-drag

a pause

a waiting game

and while we wait

the spaces between 

the waiting

do not hesitate

the spaces between

do not wait

Diana Matisz, 2010


Diana Lee said...

This photo has always been on my mind since the first time I saw it and when you asked me to collaborate with you, it was the only one I wanted. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. What a beautiful collaboration! ♥

The Hi-Brazilian Blogger said...

Beautiful work, my dear friends Juán and Diana! Very nice collaboration! The photo is so meaningful and the words come to give to it an accent of mystery and beauty!!! GRT!


Gwensutton said...

Another great collaboration of photography, music and poetry. Well done!

bijinga said...

Maravillosa y fascinante colaboración...!

Felicitaciones por tan espléndida intensidad...!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic and so very true these beautiful words are. The entirety of, music, photography, and Diana's incredible impressions put to words are truly wonderful. Excellent collaboration! I hope to see more!!! Love it! ~April

Anonymous said...

Una relación evidente a una persona con sensibilidad entre la foto la cual parece una estatua y la "espera" del poema. Entre los "espacios" del poema y la distancia entre el objeto enfocado en primer plano y el contexto restante de la foto.

Claudia said...

another great collaboration!

Unknown said...

Just wonderful. A piece who fix it the gap between the image and the sound: the poem is just the bridge, written as a whisper in which words and sounds lead us to a trembling paradise, full of life and death.

Thank you for such a wonderful piece.

Mia Rose said...

Stunning collaboration. So glad that I have found this beautiful site.

Warm wishes
Mia Rose :)

Bridget said...

This photo at the "Cemetery des Rois" is quite interesting because you do not get to see the entire statue (just partial) and you forget that it is actually in a cemetey; great technique, JC!
"Spaces between" used to describe the time in between birth and death is quite clever. I also like when Diana uses the words "a waiting game" to describe life as one lives and moves towards death!!
La poesie etait tout a fait intense ; Je l'ai vraiment appreciee.

Rubrikka said...

Magnífica colaboración!
La intensidad de la imagen en la que se muestra al ser en su naturaleza más burda y desolada, es enriquecida con las palabras exactas de lo que hacemos con nuestra propia vida.
En nuestra interminable búsqueda de la felicidad, y de todo lo que creemos dará valor a nuestro paso por esta tierra, dejamos pasar esos instantes "vacíos", siendo que en ellos es donde ella anida.
Los silencios hacen a la música, si no, sería tan sólo ruido.
Felicidades a los dos, y gracias por compartir.

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